Sunday, May 15, 2011

Panasonic Tv's. The best?

As you all already know, i'm not a huge fan of SONY Tv's. I do however love their playstation brand and the incredible games it has brought me (among them God of War which I adore!). I just cant get over how much suck is in a lot of their TV's though.

Now onto my favorite TV manufacture! Panasonic, another one of the huge Japanese electronics manufactures. If anyone knows how to make a good TV it's Panasonic! From LED's to LCD's to Plasmas they have it all. I own both Panasonic LCD's as well as 3 of their high end Plasmas. However what i want to talk about in brief, today is the Panasonic TCP54VT25. This is Panasonic's top of the line Plasma. It's also a 3D TV as well. This TV is incredible from the amazingly deep black levels, to the unmatched color reproduction. You can't go wrong with this TV! Full review coming tomorrow!

PhazonJukes Awesome Blog: Panasonic, Best TV's Ever?

PhazonJukes Awesome Blog: Panasonic, Best TV's Ever?: "So as you all know i'm not a huge fan of Sony Televisions. I however do absolutely love Sony! Afterall they've brought me the Playstation an..."
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Why I hate Sony Tv's

For those of you who know me, you know i hate Sony Televisions. Why you ask? They are crap. Yes, in the TV world they are actually a pretty good TV but compared to the other options you have available to yourself why in the world would you ever purchase an overpriced Sony TV? There are so many TV's out there that are just nicer! Many of the Sony TV's i come across all have the same issues. Terrible black levels, the picture is dull and dim.. I don't know. It's just like this with all Sony TV's i have come across, both LED's and LCD's. I just don't dig them. You have to do a lot of tinkering just to make them look nice. Now to the average consumer the TV's may look great, but to me, eh. Sony TV's just look like crap and you are paying for nothing but the name. They love to throw on a few hundred dollars more for their crap just because it says SONY on the front.. Don't even get me started on their XBR series either.. ughhh...

Stay tuned to my blog if you want to hear about what i prefer and why i prefer it! :D

(Oh, I install and setup TV's all the time. I've seen a lot of TV's in my day and work with them on a daily basis.)

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